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How To Plant A Tree

When we plant a tree we add beauty to our lives. Installing a tree in the ground is one of the most effective acts of optimism we can perform. The countless benefits trees pro-vide make them an an excellent investment in our landscape’s future, and in the future of our planet. That is why it is crucial to choose the right tree for the right site, and plant it properly. When we get our trees off to a healthy start, we can expect to enjoy their benefits for 30 years or more. This video shows you how to install a tree, and gives you handy tips on how to deal with some common challenges, so that you can be confident your tree will have a great opportunity to be a lasting and valued part of your landscape.

How To Plant A Tree Part I ( Click Here for Part II )

TreeCare has developed revolutionary new products to help your tree heal wounds that in the past could have been fatal.

Tree Guard and Tree Heal, our unique formulas of orange oil and orange oil/beeswax kill potentially hazardous organisms before they can penetrate the tree’s defense sys-tem, and seal the wound against water, which might otherwise provide an environment for decay, and air, which can kill the tree if it enters the vascular system. Unlike tar based sealants of the past, Knowlton’s TreeHeal treatments allow the wound to breathe, which is critical to good healing.

After years of testing in the field, we believe Knowlton’s TreeHeal products are the only reliable way to protect your trees’ wounds. When you watch this demonstration, we think you’ll agree, there is no better way to send your trees into the future.


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