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TreeCare is dedicated to the idea that trees are vital to life on earth, and the time is now to learn to live in better harmony with them. With the guidance of world renowned tree surgeon and arborist Gary Knowlton, TreeCare provides information and products designed to enhance our understanding of trees, and help us give them the care they need to thrive, enrich our lives, and protect and heal our planet. Working together, we can send our trees into the future.

More and more, as the planet seems to shrink, and the effects of human activity on its health seem to multiply, we need a paradigm shift in our thinking, to empower us to preserve, and even enhance, the quality of life on earth. At TreeCare we believe we can no longer treat Nature as a limitless supply of resources to be exploited. Instead, we see Nature as a continuous process, in which humans play an integral role, not as that of dominator, but as a strand in an infinitely complex, interdependent, and beautiful web. In the new millennium our ability to tear great holes in the web is greater than ever before, but our understanding of the consequences of our actions is growing just as rapidly. We are riding the crest of a new wave of awareness, a burgeoning desire to live in harmony with, rather than at the expense of, the world around us. That’s why we at TreeCare hope the information and products we provide will serve as a stepping stone on the path to a more sustainable, and yet richer, approach to living on our planet. By planting a tree, by providing it the resources it needs to thrive and grow, and by keeping it in balance with its surroundings, people make a small but powerful contribution to the health and beauty of our world. At the same time, we enrich our personal well-being, because there is great satisfaction in seeing a tree we planted or cared for fulfilling its genetic promise and bringing its many benefits to our environment.

When we learn to see from a tree’s point of view, we are able to give it the care it needs and send it into the future. Our first video, Prune Like a Pro explains the way a tree grows, the way it transports vital fluids, and the way it heals a wound. We demonstrate the proper techniques for pruning small and large limbs, the proper use and care of tools, and the target pruning method, a pattern of care that is driven by the needs of the tree. Our next video The Right Tree on the Right Site will focus on the selection and planting of trees. In the future, we plan to produce videos on the management of fruit trees, and videos that deal with proper care of individual species, such as oaks, pines, and citrus. Visit our website for updates and clips from these projects as they come online.

Perhaps our most exciting contribution to the world of tree care is Knowlton’s Tree Guard and Tree Heal, two products that greatly enhance the healing potential of trees. Our orange oil and orange oil/beeswax treatments inhibit the invasion of decay organisms, and seal the wound against taking in water or air, which, if they gained access, could seriously damage or even kill the tree. Unlike the discredited coal based sealants of the past, our products allow the wound to breathe, which is critical for good healing. Developed over years of observation and testing in the field, Knowlton’s Tree Guard and Tree Heal will help you make sure your trees heal their wounds quickly and safely. To see a demonstration from our video Prune Like a Pro of how effective they are, CLICK HERE.

We are especially interested in what you think. Contact us with your ideas, questions, observations, and needs about tree care. We want to work together with you to give our trees the best possible care, and send them into the future.


I.S.A. Certified Arborist WE-4370A

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