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Tree Care Recommended Reading

At TreeCare we believe that trees are a vital to creating a healthier and more beautiful planet. They are perhaps our most effective weapon in the fight against global warming. The more we know about our trees, the more we can help them thrive, and the more benefits we will reap from their success. That is why we want to recommend books that have instructed and inspired master arborist Gary Knowlton in his more than thirty years of caring for trees.

In the coming months we will be adding more recommendations.

Modern ArboricultureTouch Trees by Alex Shigo

Shigo and Trees, 1991

ISBN: 9780943563097

Dr. Shigo, called “The Father of Modern Arboricutuure” is one of the foremost experts on trees in the past 100 years, and his books have been in the vanguard of the new thinking about ways to keep trees healthy, safe, and attractive. His research led to many important discoveries that have changed the theory and practice of tree care. This is one of his most acclaimed works, but Shigo has written 9 books, and hundreds of articles, all of great interest to experts and laymen alike. For more information visit Shigo and Trees Associates at http://shigoandtrees.com

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison

Rodale Institue, 1991 ISBN: 9780908228058

Permaculture: a Designer’s Manual

Tagari Publications, 1988 ISBN: 9780908228015

Permaculture is an integrated design philosophy promoting sustainable, edible, self sufficient landscapes aimed at reducing society’s reliance on industrial systems of production and distributio. Bill Mollison and others have been developing this philosophy over the past 50 years, and it represents a paradigm shift in thinking about the roles trees play in our lives, and role we play in theirs. Mollison is a proponent of self-sustaining dry land permanent agriculture, guided by the principle of “minimum input, maximum output”. Disturbed by deforestation, loss of topsoil, and desert encroachment, Mollison uses the synergy between species to create an “artificial ecosystem assembly” which mimics the structure of natural ecologies. He calls himself “a simple gardener. And that is deeply seditious.”

The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono

Chelsea Green Publishing, 1991 ISBN: 9781890132322

An inspirational novel about a shepherd living alone near a drought-stricken and windswept hamlet. After the death of his wife and child, he chooses to devote the rest of his life to planting 100 acorns a day, which ultimately adds beauty and sustenance to the human and animal communities in the mountains where he lives.

Sunset Western Garden Book

Sunset Editors, 2007 ISBN: 9780376039163

An indispensable resource to assist amateurs or professionals in their efforts to grow healthy productive landscapes. This book sets the standard for professionalism and usefulness. An encyclopedic listing of plants, with over 8000 entries, and a thorough description of temperature and rainfall conditions in 24 climate zones in the continental United States from the Great Plains to the Pacific Coast, make this a first look reference for plant identification and selection.


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